Garmin Units

What to do if you sell or lose your GPSr.
Or when someone feels like redistributing your wealth.....
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Garmin Units


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Stolen/Sold/Lost GPSr Units and some stuff to remember:
A) Lost or Stolen Units:
1) Get case number from Police.
2) Contact Garmin and have it Black Listed.
3) Contact Insurance.
Garmin Southern Africa Johannesburg
Phone: +27 11 251 9999 / Fax:+27 11 794 6054 / National: 0861 GARMIN [427 646]
Kimbult Industrial Park
9 Zeiss Road,
Laser Park,
GPS (WGS84) hddd° mm.mmm’ S26° 04.646' E027° 54.985'
Garmin Southern Africa Cape Town
Phone:+27 21 788 9015 / Fax: +27 21 788 7491 / National: 0861 GARMIN [427 646]
Avnic Office Park: Unit 5
C/o Capricorn Drive & Capricorn Crescent,
Capricorn Business Park,
GPS (WGS84) hddd° mm.mmm’ S34.08778’ E18.48837’
Garmin Southern Africa Kwa-Zulu Natal
Phone: +27 31 539 6020 / Fax: +27 31 539 6025 / National: 0861 GARMIN [427 646]
Kingfisher Office Park
28 Siphosethu Road,
Mount Edgecombe,
GPS (WGS84) hddd° mm.mmm’ S29.70924’ E31.03953’
Garmin Southern Africa Technical operate a Standby Service between 1200 & 1800 Saturdays (excluding a Public Holiday) for Unlock & Registration matters only +27 82 787 2427.
HQ is manned by 2 Technical Team members from 16:30 (when the main office closes)to 18:00 and then 1 Technical person from 18:00 to 20:00 weekdays, and 09:00 to 13:00 Saturdays. If you visit the office during these times you'll find a bell to press so that the lads can open the door for you. For telephonic queries use the cellphone number given above.

In all cases in GPSr, search All Points for GSA or Garmin Southern Africa and select the branch name from the list presented.
If your device with its Mapsets were registered at Garmap/Garmin (SA) the unit will be removed from the automated system and an endorsement on the profile will be made to the effect that the unit was stolen.
This in effect, means that the Mapsets will not be updated through the automated system, nor manually by phoning in the details, but even more important: NO repairs will be done on the unit by the SA agent

B) Sold Units:
When you sell your unit advise GSA and they will transfer all the details to the new owner. Under no circumstances do you give your login details to a stranger.....
The policy is: One GPSr - One Mapset. Consequently the Mapset moves with the sold unit to the new owner....
C) Tips:
1)Do not use your actual address as your “Home” setting on the GPSr. The easiest/best way is to simply have a point close to your home as your "Home".Some people even go as far as to enter the co-ords for the local Police Station as their "Home"!
2) Something to remember is your security settings. By setting Garmin Lock to “ON” you have to set a PIN which will unlock your unit. Without the pin you can unlock the unit by going to your preset saved location. Without this information only GSA can unlock the unit which make it very important to blacklist if the unit is stolen. Resetting the unit will not erase the Lock/PIN.
3) Adjust your selling price of your old GPSr to include the map, like Topo & Rec, to enable you to replace it on your new unit.
4) If ever a unit of yours is swapped out (for whatever reason) rather make sure before leaving workshop that the swapped-out unit has also been deleted so that you can re-register with the new without hassle. When the lads (or anyone) gets really busy often the admin suffers, and the urge to get home and get this new box running often overrides the need to perform that step at base first. Simply then register a new device then and re-run the DVD installation.
5) Track your GPSr by means of a free facility available at iHoundTM. Installing the software is a simple, straightforward affair. (This service has been discontinued for certain devices)
6) Do NOT list Unit ID and Serial Numbers publicly on the forum or elsewhere.
D) Credits:
This is an extract from the old Garmap Forum and Posts from Leon, Schalk, Jan Horn, Shorty, Metro Nomad and Iqbal were combined to create this summary.
E) Feedback/Additions:
Anyone that wishes to add something to this document is welcome to Send an PM to one of the Mods.

This contribution was compiled by Frans Viljoen (please note the credits given) It covers Garmin units. Some points may be relevant to all brands. Contributions regarding other brands will be greatly appreciated and can be send via PM or e mail to the moderators.
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